Ducktrap Mackerel, Wild, Fillet

All natural. Naturally smoked in Maine. Smoked traditional flavor. Natural source of omega-3. Smoked plain mackerel is a real fish lover's fish. Mackerel's rich taste is ensured by netting them at the peak of their North Atlantic migration. Each fillet is slowly hot-smoked to seal in its superb flavor and moistness. Serving Suggestions: To enhance the flavor of your smoked plain mackerel, cut while cold and serve at room temperature. Smoked plain mackerel can be served as an hors d'oeuvre on toast or crackers, plain or with lemon juice, mayonnaise, or a combination of whipped cream and horseradish. As a main course, accompany your smoked mackerel with capers, onions or lemon wedges and a dry white wine.