PayDay Bar, Peanut Caramel 1.85 oz

PAYDAY peanut and caramel candy bars are a delectable treat right for almost any occasion. This full-size candy bar is made with crunchy peanuts and creamy caramel for a taste that's sweet, salty and undeniably satisfying. Peanut candy lovers are sure to enjoy this snack that keeps on giving. PAYDAY candy bars are perfect for filling gift bags and snack selections during any holidays, from Valentine's Day and Easter to Halloween and Christmas. That said, this peanut bar can liven up parties and get-togethers all year long. This full-size bar is wrapped for freshness, easy storing and snacking on the go. Looking for something new in your baking life? Try including a few chopped up pieces of these bars in any caramel- or peanut-based dessert. Put them on top of your homemade ice cream sundaes too. Finally, please the movie night crowd by sharing a snack they may just like more than the film — just don't forget to save some for yourself!