Ginbis Biscuits, Black Sesame, Asparagus Shaped 4.76 oz

Since 1968. June, 2008 Vienna Gold Award. Visit at: Ginbis has been presenting various styles of biscuits and cookies all over the world for more than 80 years. Our products always accompany you and your loved ones. Asparagus biscuit is the asparagus-shaped, crispy black sesame biscuit that has been cherished for more than 40 years. This asparagus habit is hard to quit! Vegetable Stick & Asparagus: Just eat with any vegetable sticks with mayonnaise dip! Asparagus as Crouton: Breaking Asparagus at each hollow, and just put them on the soup! Asparagus Stick Hamburg: Either deep fry or oven fry them, and kip with ketchup! Asparagus Mayonnaise: Lay asparagus on the bake tray, and put mayonnaise on the top of them. Oven grills them until mayonnaise burn on the surface. Put parsley flakes on the top and ready to enjoy them! Asparagus Biscotti: Dip asparagus into coffee or espresso. Pour coffee or espresso over the (vanilla) ice cream, mix and dip with Asparagus. Asparagus Ice Cream Sand: Line bottom of tray with Asparagus, cover with ice cream then top with another layer of Asparagus. Keep in freezer to harden before serving. Asparagus Cheese Ball: Break Asparagus and mix with cream cheese then shape it into ball. Enjoy it with wine or beer! Product of Japan.