Equaline Solution Multi Purp

Compare to Opti-Free Replenish (This product is not manufactured or distributed by Alcon, owner of the registered trademark Opti-Free Replenish. Compare to Opti-Free Replenish for: Comfort, cleans, stores, rinses, disinfects, and removes protein.) For silicone hydrogel & soft contact lenses. Comfort formula. Removes protein deposits & reduces lipid deposition. Cleans. Conditions. Rinses. Disinfects. Stores. Lens case inside. Contents: Equaline Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution A sterile, isotonic solution that contains poloxamer, sodium phosphate buffer, sodium chloride and disodium edetate; preserved with polyhexanide 0.0001%. Contains no chlorhexidine or thimerosal; 1 lens case. Supervalu quality guaranteed. We're committed to your satisfaction and guarantee the quality of this product. Contact us at 1-877-932-7948, or www.supervalu-ourownbrands.com. Please have package available. Made in the UK.