Bumble Bee Salmon, Pink

18 g protein (See nutrition information for cholesterol content) per serving. Gluten free. Discover the goodness. Sure there are lots of fish in the sea, but there’s only one Bumble Bee. Wild caught protein Rich. Mild, delicate and ready to savor. This pink salmon is easy to use in all favorite recipes - and a few of ours! Create with Salmon. A world of inspiration. Salmon Spinach Fritatta. Salmon Burgers. Salmon Fettuccine. Salmon Kedgeree. Regular pack with skin & bones. Wild caught. www.msc.org. bumblebee.com. More recipes at bumblebee.com. Questions or Comments? Call 1-800-800-8572. Include code on end of can. TraceMyCatch.com. 100% recycle me. MSC: Certified sustainable seafood. www.msc.org. From an MSC certified sustainable fishery. Product of Thailand.