Goldthread Tonic, Plant Based, Hawaiian Ginger

Super-herbs, spices and adaptogens. Sweetened with lakanto monkfruit. Vegan. Gluten free. Non GMO Project verified. Drink more plants. Brewed with natural ingredients. Taste may vary. The Formula: Hawaiian ginger root; tangerine peel; jasmine flowers; coriander seeds; lemongrass; Madagascar vanilla. 14 grams of whole herbs slow-brewed to perfection. Drink More Plants: This bold elixir is inspired by one of the most versatile health-enhancing herbs in the universe - ginger - but not just any ginger. This grows in the rich, sun-soaked volcanic soil of Hawaii! Combined with juice tangerine, silky jasmine, luscious vanilla, and an assortment of zesty spices, drinking this feels like surfing a sweet wave of liquid life force on a sunny day! - William Siff MSc AOM, Founder + Chief Herbalist.