Sambazon Acai Bites Suprfrt9ea

Acai berry sorbet dipped in a chocolate coating. 50 calories & 4 g sugar (Per bite). USDA Organic. Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. Dairy free. Vegan & gluten free. Non GMO. Wrapped 9 bites. Superfruit Acai bites: Meet your new favorite treat! Enjoy the exotic & refreshing flavor of Acai Berry sorbet dipped in an indulgent chocolate coating. Discover Acai (AH-Sigh-EE), The Amazon Superfood. Acai is a berry that grows on palm trees along the riverbanks of the Amazon Rainforest, and made famous for its use in delicious Acai bowls. Visit for more delicious acai products and recipes in our line. Our Pledge Your Impact: Each time you purchase a Sambazon product, you can feel good knowing you are - helping the Amazon Rainforest and its people while nourishing your own body. Here are a few ways you're driving positive change: Rainforest Protection. Endangered Species Habitat Conservation. Building Schools & Clean Water Systems. Fair Wages & Labor Practices. Please recycle. Fair for life. Fair Trade. 100% Packaging from well-managed forests. FSC. Made in the USA.