Totino's Pizza Rolls, Cheese 100 ea

Totino's Cheese Pizza Rolls are hot and delicious. There are people who love cheese, and there are people who are wrong. Perfect for people who just love cheese (so, everyone). Instructions on the back. Happiness inside. Everything you love about traditional cheese pizza is packed into Totino's Cheese Pizza Rolls' bite-sized golden, crispy pockets. Prepare them in the oven or, if you're short on time, simply pop the frozen pizza rolls in the microwave so they're ready in just 60 seconds. Totino's Pizza Rolls can also be prepared in an air fryer in under 10 minutes. Serve these pizza snacks as is or turn it up a notch with your favorite pizza ingredients like grated cheese, a sprinkle of herbs and tasty marinara dipping sauce. Either way, it's a great snack that you can serve up in seconds. Contains 100 pizza rolls in total.