Darigold Cream, 30% Whipping 1 pt

rbST free. Does not contain the artificial growth hormone rbST (According to the FDA, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST treated and non-rbST treated cows.) 30% milkfat whipping cream. Since 1918. Ultra-pasteurized. Farmer owned cooperative guaranteed quality. It's how we measure ourselves. Every scoop, cup, dip, tablespoon and dash. It's farmers owning the company. It's cows loving their farmers. It's rbST free milk. It's the thickest sour cream, the cookingest butter and the best cottage cheese in the world. It's you cooking the most tantalizing, mesmerizing, freakishly great tasting food in your life. It's farm meets delicious. It's Farmalicious. Thank you for choosing Darigold. Whoa! Why's This Milk Last So Long? Fresher, longer, better, that's our milk motto. This milk is ultra-pasteurized (UP) and simply means that it was heated to a higher temperature making it stay fresh longer than regular jug milk. Enjoy! Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Get social with us. Like us on Facebook, pin us, tweet us. Grade A. Ultra-pasteurized. Homogenized. www.darigold.com. A gluten free product.