Aim Precision Floss Picks - 90 CT

Aim® Precision™ Floss Picks. New and improved! With fluoridex thread. 90 pack Take aim against cavities. Comfort grip. Improved pick. Stronger thread. Shred resistant. Angled pick. A Healthy Mouth is a Beautiful Mouth™. Simple & effective. 1. Floss: slips smoothly between teeth, without shredding, to easily remove plaque and help prevent gum disease. 2. Grip: comfort grip designed for better control. 3. Toothpick: angled and pointed to remove food particles and stimulate gums. Please do not litter. Dr. Fresh®. Dr. Fresh® Precision|™ and related trademarks, names, logos and patents are the property of Dr. Fresh, LLC and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Aim is a trademark of Church & Dwight Co., LLC. Or one of its affiliated companies and is used under license by Dr. Fresh, LLC. Customer service & website info: Questions Comments Toll free: 1-866-373-7374. USA: +1-714 690-1573. Please retain this packaging as it contains important information. ©2011 Dr. Fresh, LLC.